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Public Leagues on Fantasizr

For the past few months, Fantasy Basho has been working with Fantasizr to make the game easier to play. Fantasizr is a fantastic custom fantasy game company which has allowed Fantasy Basho to keep its same rules while housing the game in a user friendly space. This is a large reason why Fantasy Basho can grow in the future.

For the Kyushu Basho coming up in less than two weeks, Fantasy Basho is a public league on Fantasizr. Anyone who wants to play Fantasy Basho can simply go to the Fantasy Basho page on Fantasizr ( and sign up. If you're really excited about playing, you can even create your own league and be the commissioner.

Being a public game on Fantasizr also will probably allow us to post information about Leagues again here on the main website, but we'll have to see. For now, go sign up at Fantasizr and enjoy the basho.

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