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We are Live for Hatsu 2023!

The game is live on Fantasizr for the Hatsu 2023 Basho. Go there now to join the public league, or you can challenge your friends by creating your own league. Sign up here:

Remember, you can pick any four rikishi for your Day One lineup, and you get two points for a win one one point for a kinboshi. Your final day selection will also get points for any special prizes. This makes it easy for new sumo fans to play, as well as rewards anyone wanting to look at matchups for each day. You just always have to watch that budget. You can't select any four that add up to more than 50, according to this allocation:

LIve sumo starts on January 8th. You have until then to sign up and pick your opening day lineup. Watch this space for any injury news, as well as some other content hat will help you make your picks or just learn more about sumo.

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