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We are live on Fantasizr for Aki 2023

Fantasy Basho is officially live on Fantasizr for the Aki Basho! Go sign up now at:

Live sumo will start on September 10th, so you have until then to pick your first lineup. (Or to pick it and then change it multiple times until then.) The usual Rikishi-by-Rikishi preview will be coming in the next few days, but you can start analyzing your lineup choices by looking at the Banzuke. Just remember that you need to always follow a budget of 50 in total, with prices assigned by rank. The Banzuke, wretlers listed as Fantasy Basho always does, is in a chart below with the budget. Next to that are some notes on the Banzuke.


  • Once again, Terunofuji is the lone Yokozuna. But for the second straight basho, we have a new Ozeki. Hoshoryu will be the third Ozeki on the Banzuke, although he is the only one competing without kadoban status.

  • Hoshoryu's elevation would, in theory, open up a Sekiwake slot. The traditional number is two, and Daieisho and Wakamotoharu both had winning records. Yet we still have three Sekiwake. Kotonowaka's 11-4 from Komusubi in Nagoya got him to move up a level. All three Sekiwake are in theoretically-possible-but-practically-unlikely Ozeki run potential. They would all need at least 13 and possibly 14 wins.

  • Nishikigi and Tobizaru round out the 9-man Sanyaku ranks. A 9-man Sanyaku places the Joi-Jin line between Maegashira #4 East Takanosho and Maegashira #4 West Ura. In theory, everyone from Terunofuji to Takanosho would face earth other. Of course, that never actually happens. Someone gets injured, stablemates can't face each other, and the scheduling committee actually has the priority of making a good yusho race. Likely, Ura, Gonoyama, and Shonannoumi will be seeing some Sanyaku opponents.

  • Speaking of Gonoyama and Shonannoumi, those two are at career-high ranks. So are Nishikigi, Hakuoho, and Atamifuji. Nishikigi is making his Sanyaku debut at 33. He's a nice story. Gonoyama and Shonannoumi are in their mid-20s and trying to make their names after impressive debuts. Hakuoho and Atamifuji are future stars.

  • Hakuoho, in fact, is in an interesting spot. At Maegashira #9, he will likely avoid any Sanyaku opponents unless he is once again in the yusho race in week two. Yet his slate of opponents in mid-Maegashira will be an interesting mix of veterans still hanging on and youngsters trying to establish themselves. Every match in this range will be a slog.

  • The bottom of the Banzuke has some guys who are desperately staving off a demotion. Chiyoshoma, Tsurugisho, and Daishoho all had performances which would have been demoted in other circumstances. Kagayaki had a 9-6 at Juryo #1 East in Nagoya. That's not reasserting his position as a Maegashira. Watch for some desperate moments from this group.

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