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Haru 2024 Day Thirteen

Public League Leaderboard

Scores from Fantasizr.

Yusho Arasoi

12 Wins

42 Maegashira #17 East Takerufuji

10 Wins

03 Ozeki #1 West Hoshoryu

19 Maegashira #5 West Onosato

Notable Maneuvers

Sukuinage. Hoshoryu was facing a man with the same record, 9-3, when he squared off with Gonoyama. It didn't look that way from his powerful beltless arm throw win.

Match of the Day

04 Ozeki #2 East Takakeisho versus 05 Ozeki #2 West Kotonowaka

This should have been a classic "If x then y" match. Takakeisho needed slapping; Kotonowaka needed grappling. And Kotonowaka got this into a grappling battle, which felt like he was 99% on the way to winning. Despite not getting his slapfest, Takakeisho engaged in a wrestling match. He was being pushed around and Kotonowaka had openings for a throw, but Takakeisho kept his feet. That allowed Takakeisho to move Kotonowaka around to get the rear push out victory in a long grappling match, of all things.


The Takerufuji steamroller continues. He had to redirect his match against Wakamotoharu, but he managed to gather himself and get the yorikiri in the end. On a 2-win advantage with two matches remaining, Takerufuji has not guaranteed a yusho. He has guaranteed at least a playoff, and he only needs one more win. Once again, just in case anyone forgot for a moment, he is in his debut Makuuchi basho and ranked last in the division. His worst outcome will be a 12-3 Jun-Yusho Playoff loss.

And just two men can catch him to make that result at the moment. Hoshoryu and Onosato are at 10-3, and they need to win their final two matches. Both easily could, as sitting on 10 wins after 13 days is an impressive record. They also seem to have been stronger in the last two days. Hoshoryu's defeats of Takerufuji and Gonoyama on Days Twelve and Thirteen were examples of what happens when he is locked in. Onosato slapped aside Daieisho when he sensed Daieisho coming straight ahead. They are real threats.

They just need everything to go right, and we will likely see a scenario in which Hoshoryu and Onosato both win out. The two haven't squared off, and there is no guarantee they will. On Day Fourteen, Hoshoryu faces Kotonowaka, while Onosato gets his first ever matchup with Abi. Kotonowaka lost in a surprising manner to Takakeisho on Day Thirteen, but he could easily beat Hoshoryu if he keeps his feet. Abi is about the most unpredictable rikishi in terms of performance quality, even if his moveset is completely predictable. Those are tough matches.

But if Hoshoryu and Onosato win, they could be Day Fifteen opponents. Hoshoryu has yet to face either Kirishima or Takakeisho, and an Ozeki should face the other Ozeki. But this is a topsy-turvy basho, and he may need to see the mid-Maegashira. Kirishima is too far out of it to be Hoshoryu's final day opponent. Takakeisho is also not in the Yusho race, but did secure his kachi-koshi and topple an Ozeki on Day Thirteen. He is a valid threat to Hoshoryu.

Takakeisho is also a valid threat to Takerufuji, who he has not seen yet. Takerufuji will see Asanoyama on Day Fourteen, which means he could get his mawashi in Asanoyama's left-hand while charging ahead and lose. That could set up a way for Takakeisho to put Takerufuji into a playoff. Or Takerufuji wins and what happens on Day FIfteen means nothing for the yusho race. Because the 24 year old Makuuchi debutant could clinch this thing with time to spare.

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