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Aki 2022 is Live on Fantasizr!

We are live for the Aki 2022 Basho on Fantasizr! Go there now to reserve your spot in the Public League or create your own league. Everyone who joins the Public League will get a daily email from me with links to the Fantasizr scores, the daily recap here, and video highlights.

Here is the Banzuke for Aki, in a brand-new format. (If you like this and want one, let me know. I might be selling PDF copies or even send printed copies for the right price if there is enough interest.)

Yes, that is three Ozeki, three Sekiwake, and three Komusubi. After the way COVID wrecked the Nagoya basho, these seem obvious once the Banzuke was released. Hoshoryu makes his Sekiwake debut, while defending champ Ichinojo and Kiribayama return to Sanyaku as Komusubi. The other fun element is that Ryuden returns to Makuuchi after his suspension, while long-time Juryo veteran Mitoryu and 22 year old prospect Hiradoumi make their Makuuchi debuts.

You do have until September 10th to select your team, because the live sumo will begin on September 11th. Remember that you can pick four rikishi before the basho and ride them out, or you can pick a new team each and every day. However often you do select your team, you'll need to follow a 50 point budget with this attribution to each rikishi.

Check back here for updates before the basho, and go to Fantasizr to pick your team.

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