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Haru 2021 Day Six



Yusho Arasoi

5 wins

O1w Asanoyama

S1e Terunofuji

S1w Takanosho

K1e Takayasu

M4w Myogiryu

M9e Chiyonokuni

Notable Maneuvers

Tsuridashi. The frontal lift out. Terunofuji was working and working against Kiribayama, who was attempting to prevent a mawashi grip. Terunofuji eventually got both hands on Kiribayama's belt, at which point he just picked him up and lifted him to the outside. An extremely impressive display of strength.

Match of The Day

Ozeki 1 East Shodai versus Maegashira 3 East Meisei

Meisei managed to out-Shodai Shodai. The tachiai was basically a draw, and the two men regrouped against each other. That's the Ozeki's wheelhouse, and Shodai actually looked like he was going to get the simple yorikiri. Then Meisei reversed course at the edge, spun Shodai around, and got a rather spectacular yorikiri.


There are 6 rikishi tied for the lead right now with 5 wins in 6 days. More strikingly, a full 10 rikishi are sitting one loss back. There are 9 days left, so a lot can happen. None of the 16 rikishi at the top are guaranteed to stay in the yusho race. Yet enough has happened that the pileup is noteworthy.

On the dohyo during Day Six, some intriguing sumo cropped up. Akiseyama continues his steady brand of sumo. Chiyonokuni continues to look dominant among the lower Maegashira. The decisive Ichinojo returned against Tamawashi. Hokutofuji, bloodied in the previous two days, looks refreshed. And these wouldn't even be the rikishi classified as favorites.

Among the Sanyaku, Asanoyama, Terunofuji, Takanosho, and Takayasu sit with one loss. They don't just face a four way battle, though, because Takakeisho has 4 wins. Those five have also looked strong. Takakeisho beat Shimanoumi with his trademark hard shove. Asanoyama redeployed his efficient grappling. Terunofuji is lifting other rikishi in the air. Takanosho's quietly effective sumo is sharp once again. Takayasu can still outlast anyone.

This does leave Shodai as the odd Ozeki out after he picked up his fourth win. He is now more worried about getting 8 wins rather than the yusho, just to avoid being kadoban in May. Yet Shodai was never someone who could be ruled out when he was performing his worst as a Maegashira. He is too bouncy, too reactive, and too athletic to be counted out of any match ever. If the leaders have to go through him, he's a perfect spoiler.

There is no current favorite for Haru. Everyone is roughly even, both in the standings and on the dohyo. Let the fun continue.

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