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Haru 2024 Day Four

Public League Leaderboard

Scores from Fantasizr.

Notable Maneuvers

Kotenage. Kotonowaka got in an awkward spot against Takanosho, because Takanosho got inside and buried his head into the top of the shin-Ozeki's chest. After forcing him backwards, Kotonowaka showed his skill by throwing him down with a nice arm-lock throw.

Match of the Day

14 Maegashira #3 East Oho versus 03 Ozeki #1 West Hoshoryu

Oho began with a tsuppari attack, and the thrusts did enough to disrupt Hoshoryu's plan. The Ozeki did get in and get a grip, but not a strong grip. He was working for a better grip, but with little success. After they went around the ring for a little bit, they stalemated. This advantaged Oho, since Hoshoryu was still not in a good position. Then Oho actually managed to push Hoshoryu back. At the edge, Hoshoryu twisted and threw Oho, who released but didn't go down. Hoshoryu needed one more push, while also carefully keeping his feet in the dohyo, for the victory.


The headline news is that Terunofuji picked up one more loss. And this time it's a kinboshi. It wasn't even a great match or remarkable performance from Meisei to get his gold star. He was a step faster at the tachiai, and getting inside allowed him to easily lift up Terunofuji's arms. The Yokozuna went backwards with little resistance, since he had no leverage. Terunofuji now stands at 2-2, two losses back already of the leaders.

Those leaders are Abi, Onosato, and Takerufuji. That trio are the only rikishi still undefeated. Abi blew right through Wakamotoharu in typical Abi fashion, with a fast two hand thrust getting a quick win. Onosato just plain overwhelmed Midorifuji, giving the Isegahama man no chance to do anything. Takerufuji needed to dance around with Myogiryu, but he finished with a solid push out of the veteran. They all look like they could continue their hot streaks.

Yet the leading trio are also one Komusubi, one mid-Maegashira, and one lower-Maegashira. Right behind them are Hoshoryu, Kotonowaka, Takakeisho, and Wakamotoharu. That group of Sanyaku men will have a say at some point, and even if they don't face Onosato or Takerufuji soon, they should still keep pressure on the undefeated group. Abi is in a bit of a different position. He's already faced Takakeisho and Wakamotoharu, handing them their one loss so far. But the Ozeki and Sekiwake who are at 3-1 are looming.

Not among that particular group is Kirishima. He fell to 0-4, and he looks out of sorts. There is a possibility he is slightly injured, although it is probably more of an energy zapping issue than an obvious problem. Terunofuji hasn't looked as bad, since he has at least won two matches, but an even record for a Yokozuna early in a basho is concerning. The Yokozuna's knees are also always a problem. They both get the advantage of withdrawing and not losing rank, so they may leave and change the shape of the basho.

We are already having Maegashira leave the basho. Shimazuumi withdrew on Day Four with an injury. That granted Nishikifuji a free win, while it probably guarantees Shimazuumi is headed back to Juryo. Later in the day, Tsurugisho fell extremely hard against Hiradoumi. He was wheeled out on the giant wheelchair, and he is certainly out for the basho and probably longer. These withdrawals will shape the basho. Takerufuji will get a Juryo opponent in Tokihayate on Day Five. Yet anything can happen even when things seem predictable.

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