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Hatsu 2021 Day Three



Match of the Day

Maegashira 7 East Meisei versus Maegashira 7 West Tobizaru

These two had a fun, chaotic battle with a lot of back and forth. Neither man seemed to have a match that followed his gameplan, which made it more interesting. They just kept battling and striking and trying to grip. Finally, Meisei just upped the power to send his fellow M7 out.


Onosho over Takanosho

Daieisho over Shodai

Hokutofuji over Shodai

Mitakeumi over Asanoyama

Notable Maneuvers

Tamawashi pulled off an uwatehineri, the twisting overarm throw, that managed to hurl Kotoshoho across the dohyo. More strikingly, this happened after Kotoshoho nearly had the veteran out for a hard-fought yorikiri.


Your current yusho leaders are Daieisho, Onosho, Meisei, Midorifuji, and Akiseyama. It's just three days and things can change, but that's already suprising. Those five were not pre-basho picks for Emperor's Cup contention. Just as shocking as who is undefeated is who is not. Like, say, any Sanyaku rikishi.

Takakeisho's struggles are most prominent, because he is chasing promotion to Yokozuna. The current Yokozuna are out entirely, which should open a pathway for Asanoyama and Shodai. Shodai lost on Day Three in convincing fashion to Daieisho. Asanoyama has two losses now. Terunofuji and Takanosho both have a blemish thanks to Onosho. If you are wanting the top of the Banzuke to overwhelm everyone, this is not your basho.

Chaos is also happening lower down the rankings. Ichinojo appeared to be in great shape over the first two days, but lost to Aoiyama. Shimanoumi had looked incredibly strong, but was slapped down by a clearly hobbling Kiribayama. Okinoumi got bottled up by Kagayaki for his first loss.

Odds are the current undefeated group will see a loss sooner rather than later. We might not even see them in contention by the mid-point of the basho. Clearly, though, predictions are probably foolish for this basho.

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