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Kyushu 2022 Day Twelve

Yusho Arasoi

10 wins 05 Sekiwake #1 West Hoshoryu 11 Maegashira #1 East Takayasu 36 Maegashira #13 West Oho

9 wins 02 Ozeki East Takakeisho 28 Maegashira #9 West Abi 39 Maegashira #15 East Kagayaki

Public League Leaderboard

Scores from Fantasizr.

Notable Manuevers

Hatakikomi. Not only did Oho reclaim a share of the lead with a slapdown, he perfectly felt the way Hoshoryu was moving and hit the Sekiwake's back to get the victory.

Match of the Day

Maegashira #1 East Takayasu versus Maegashira #6 West Ryuden

This match was all about the key importance of small hand placements. Takayasu did his shoulder blast, but Ryuden semi-blocked it. Ryuden then latched his left hand for a small moment, but Takayasu threw it aside. That gave Takayasu the movement advantage, so Ryuden tried to get inside. Takayasu lifted his hands and won with a hikiotoshi.


Kyushu is once again a three-way tie, with Hoshoryu's loss to Oho reinstalling the Hoshoryu-Oho-Takayasu triumvirate at the top of the yusho arasoi. They are now all at 10-2. Just behind them is another trio at 9-3. That group is Takakeisho, Abi, and Kagayaki. While four men sit on 8 wins with three matches left, it seems like that top six has to contain your Kyushu 2022 yusho winner. And the top three just need to win out, possibly including playoffs, to claim the Emperor's Cup.

Importantly, a Hoshoryu-Oho-Takayasu playoff would be unlikely. The signature match on Day Thirteen will be the all-Maegashira matchup of Takayasu and Oho. One of them will get knocked back on Day Thirteen. Meanwhile, the musubi no ichiban will be Takakeisho-Hoshoryu. Since they'll be on the dohyo last, both men will know what the leaderboard will look like if they win. Abi and Kagayaki will also square off, meaning at most there will be just two rikishi at 11-2 after Day Thirteen and one of the six in the top two bands will be knocked out of the yusho race.

If you want to say who is a favorite in any match, Day Twelve will not help. Hoshoryu had looked confident and focused all basho, while Oho seemed to falter on Day Eleven. Oho got the win. Abi won over Sekiwake Wakatakakage with a semi-henka. Takayasu worked over a game Ryuden, and Takakeisho needed a few blasts to shove out Nishikifuji. None of these men looked dominant, and they are certainly not steamrolling through the last three days.

Kagayaki may have looked the best on Day Twelve. He came in the least heralded to this basho and mostly seemed to be squandered potential. Yet the man who always seemed excellent on-paper has been strong on-dohyo. He bossed the very good Kotonowaka with a hard grip at the tachiai in a way that surprised even Kotonowaka. If he beats Abi, he'll get a chance against Hoshoryu or Takayasu or Takakeisho. (He's already seen Oho.)

Kyushu's winner is unknown, but it may be said it will be a surprising yusho winner in some way. The only previous winner in the hunt is Takakeisho, who despite being an Ozeki has been on the outside looking in over the last year when it comes to championships. Takayasu is maybe the best rikishi to have never won an Emperor's Cup. Abi and Kagayaki are veterans starting to see their careers go past their peaks. Hoshoryu and Oho are youngsters still showing how good they can be. One of the six will lift the Emperor's Cup at the end.
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