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Nagoya 2021 Day Two



Notable Maneuvers

Hoshoryu beat Kiribayama with a shitatenage, which isn't that notable. Except it was just such a great version.

Match of The Day

Maegashira 6 East Onosho versus Maegashira 7 East Myogiryu

These two kind of took a second to get really engaged, then moved to the edge. At that point, a certain kind of chaos that only two rikishi like this could do. They called it a slap-down, hatakikomi, but Onosho added this bizarre twist as it happened. That made it look like Myogiryu nearly won the match.


The lasting moment of Day Two from Nagoya 2021 will be Takakeisho clutching his arm while leaning against the dohyo after his loss to Ichinojo. It looked like he was injured from the tachiai, as Ichinojo grabbed him and walked him out. Takakeisho seemed unable to offer any resistance or even begin his pushing attack. He might have popped something on the matta that delayed the real start of the match.

Takakeisho was wheeled off the arena floor, although he did seem to not have a leg issue. That is never a good sign for any rikishi, and it seems extra disastrous for an Ozeki who was in a yusho playoff the last basho. He always could be checked out and approved to keep fighting. Sumo is funny that way. Yet signs point to him not being able to give his best sumo the rest of the basho.

The other two headline men, Hakuho and Terunofuji, both have two wins but haven't exactly shown their best sumo. Their wins have been real battles, although they are both so big, so strong, and so talented that they can win those matches. Shodai has actually been the impressive Sanyaku man. He bottled up Takanosho and Daieisho in successive matches, doing his standing-firm-tachiai. He was basically no one's pre-tournament favorite, but he's the best looking rikishi after two days.

The collection of impressive two-win rikishi is surprisingly large. Ichinojo and Hokutofuji have two wins against higher-ranked rikishi, which is huge for an upper Maegashira. Hoshoryu might have found his proverbial "next level of sumo" by just having more ferocious throws. Kotonowaka seems to have returned to his promising form from last year. Tamawashi and Tokushoryu both have proven that veteran experience can do alot.

A Takakeisho shaped hole in the basho would dramatically affect the final outcome. A surprising record from a lower-ranked rikishi was bound to happen; we just need to see who it will be. Upsets are also a part of sumo, especially recently. Sadly, so are injuries. It's just sad to see it happen to an Ozeki on Day Two.

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