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Natsu 2023 is Live on Fantasizr!

Fantasy Basho is officially open for Natsu 2023. You can join the Public League or create your own Private League on Fantasizr. Actual sumo competition begins on Sunday, May 14th. So consider that you have two weeks to select your team and convince friends to play as well.

Below is the Banzuke as listed on Fantasizr, along with the Budget you'll need to follow as you choose your team. Remember, you have to keep it under 50 with your four selections.

Looking at the Banzuke, there are a few key things to look at.

  • The Banzuke committee chose to go with four Sekiwake and three Komusubi. The real questions were how Wakamotoharu and Shodai would be placed, and they both got the best placement they could expect.

  • There will only be two Komusubi fighting for Natsu, because Wakatakakage is recovering from major knee surgery. So while there are 9 Sanyaku wrestlers, there will only be 8 competing.

  • The joi-jin, that unofficial grouping of the top wrestlers who all need to face each other, extends down to Maegashira #4 West Ura. Except this is a very weird one. Wakatakakage being out means Nishikigi will also need to face the Sanyaku. Then the ban on intra-stable matchups prevents Terunofuji, Midorifuji, and Nishikifuji matchups, as well as Daieisho, Endo, and Tobizaru facing off. Expect Kinbozan and Kotoshoho to possibly face the Yokozuna.

  • Speaking of Kinbozan, he jumped up 9 ranks after his 11-4 debut in March. Obviously, he is at a career high rank now, and this is also just a spectacularly new challenge for May. On the flip side, no one he'll face in May has an extensive history with the Kazakh.

  • By contrast, Hokuseiho had a strong debut in March and did go up to Maegashira #11. That will make his dance card fairly similar to the one he got a 9-6 with in Osaka. And he is still very young, very big, and very talented, so he won't get the shock Kinbozan may have.

  • At the bottom of the Banzuke, the two notable names are Ichinojo and Asanoyama. Both men dominated Juryo, with Ichinojo winning the Yusho with a 14-1 and Asanoyama got the Jun-Yusho with a 13-2. Both men are returning from suspensions and consequent demotions, and in Asanoyama's case a lengthy one. They are not likely to repeat those numbers in Makuuchi (12-3 is a frequent Yusho win total, after all), but they should make some real noise.

  • Oho and Kagayaki are still in Makuuchi, although they had possibly demoteable records in March. That can be a wake up call or it could mean they are about to get walked over.

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