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Haru 2024 Predictions

The basho is less than a day away. Go to Fantasizr now to sign up for Fantasy Basho. While you wait for the action to start, here are some guesses at what may happen.


The basho is about to start, and so I am putting out a set of predictions for the upcoming basho. Two months ago, I made a mess of the predictions for Hatsu. I guess that comes with the territory with this kind of thing. Trying to see into the future is tough.

Yet my big misses are worth noting here, before the Haru basho begins. I made the bold declaration that Terunofuji would pull out early. Instead, he fought all fifteen days and won the yusho. I guessed Takakeisho would prove his Ozeki worth again. He pulled out with injuries early, and had a low win total. I also thought Kotonowaka would be just solid. He got a playoff-loss Jun-Yusho and an Ozeki promotion.

Looking back, I don't feel awful about those misses. I wish I had been right, but I'm willing to eat humble pie. I do think I had a good thought process. Terunofuji had only finished 1 of his previous 7 tournaments. Betting on his health isn't all that smart. Takakeisho on the other hand, was reportedly healthy coming in. Those are reasonable assumptions to have made.

Now that Terunofuji has a full basho, the number is finishing 2 of his previous 8 tournaments, but they were both yusho. He is looking healthy. Despite being on the Torikumi (and everyone is entering Day One in Makuuchi), Takakeisho's reports are not as strong. So for Haru, I am seeing Terunofuji cruising, Takakeisho struggling, and the other Ozeki holding their own. Elsewhere, I see upper Maegashira and Komusubi once again being a trouble spot. I also think the new blood will keep it up. I have Atamifuji, Onosato, and Takerufuji doing well.

But I'll see you tomorrow for the live action, and in another two months to review whether the below had any merit:

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